• Kardeisha Provo

promote peace

Tuesday, July 18th 2017

we talked about peace projects happening here in Ugandan communities and it had a lot to do with peace promoters throughout the community as well as peace clubs within schools. a peace promoter essentially is a well respected individual that is able to communicate effectively with both sides in the equation. there are many people who have this role in my community who don't specifically have a name for it they just naturally do the work. they explained that the key role in building peace in their community begins with agriculture which included farming, also providing jobs through growing food and what now and through this they are building stable families. they talked a lot about "keeping busy" and having no room for violence and things like that the questions I have are: how do you initiate peace clubs? what type of activities are facilitated to bring youth into the forefront of these clubs? how do you get them involved in the process of building a peaceful world? i need to know more. anyways, goodnight!

North Preston, Canada

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