• Kardeisha Provo

It’s a different feeling, you know?

It’s a different feeling, you know? I realize today that my fear is not that I’m inadequate or unworthy or unsatisfactory.​​ my deepest fear is that I am powerful.

It’s my light that frightens me. my influence that frightens me. my gift that God has given me that frightens me.

who am I to be strong, beautiful, courageous and brilliant? who am I to be outspoken, gracious, classy and original? actually,

who am I NOT TO BE? playing small & shrinking because others could feel insecure around me isn’t serving the world. as I read the poem “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson I realize as I let my light shine I’m unconsciously giving permission for others to do the same. by facing my fear of my power, of my destined greatness, my presence allows others to face that fear.

It's my 18th birthday & I’m allowing of myself to be unapologetically me.

thank you God for blessing me to see 18.


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North Preston, Canada

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