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to my first blog post,

may you be blessed with what you see. I am totally new to this, as this is totally new to me.

my full name is Kardeisha Tyleah Provo but feel free to call me Kar or Kardi. I guess you could say I'm excited but more scared than anything

it's so easy for me to crawl into a ball and hide from all of you. you're scary. the way you stare, the questions you ask and what you think is constantly rehearsing in my mind. Am I good enough for you?

I have learned that this question is to only be answered by the person who asked.

the only correct answer is the one you make yourself. no matter what, you will make your own sense of it in your own head. only you know the answer to this. the answer will always be yes.

YES, I am good enough.

until next time,

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North Preston, Canada

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