Sunday, July 9th 2017

It's 7:00am here in Ethiopia 🇪🇹, just landed and it's about 15 degrees. Apparently it's winter and it was snowing a few weeks ago. who would have thought. I read on twitter it was snowing thursday night in Kenya too. Is that a human conflicted issue or just God's unpredictable hand in nature? I notice the abundance amount of different ethnicities a lot in which I can't name. I don't really know of many as I simply always divide the world in black and white. If you're not a white person, to me, you are black (Chinese included)

the people here keep speaking to me in languages i don't understand. the man at the café asked "where are you from?" i tell him canada he says "but where are you from" that's a good question sir but i already answered it. he told me i look Ethiopian i get that at home a lot too. i don't know what it means to be "from" another place other than North Preston, Nova Scotia that's as deep as it gets for me. unexpectedly there is no distinct smell around here but that may be due to my stuffy nose with all the changing of climate conditions within the last 36 hours. safely, soundly I have arrived in Africa and my three week stay has finally begun. *20 minutes later* ahh the smell as soon as we walk in the building you smell it. I'd describe it as sweet bitterness but that's probably wrong lol. I have on my brothers Nike sweater and a pair of black joggers that I've been wearing since Friday morning it's now mid sunday and i'm guessing this is how you live when you travel to a different continent and it takes three days we have to brush our teeth with bottled water this is different but it's ok my ticket to uganda got upgraded and i am now sitting in the business class for the first time next to an ethiopian man who is teaching me how to write amharic see you later,