Monday, July 10th 2017

as I lie awake at 4:39am in Uganda with no power, I can't help but be in disbelief. I have finally made it to the motherland the feeling itself does not seem real my days are mixed up while my sleeping schedule is flipped upside down outside my single room door the streets still seem alive while dark with people playing music, honking their horns, having loud conversations so far this is a place of people showing kindness despite their circumstances. It's so easy for people like me who live in the west and only know the west to feel pity on those who live in Africa. growing up with people telling you to "finish you're food, the children in Africa are starving." Ignorance is bliss I guess. because I'm here and I'm present it makes me angry replaying the misconceptions us North Americans have of this place. without it being entirely our fault its still an anger to me. *later today* I met a young lady who is around 8 or 9 years old her name is pronounced Akoma-macae (ah-koo-mae-ma-say). me and Iman asked her name about five times before i finally wrote it down to remember lol. here's how we met:

originally a group of boys were coming home from school dressed in purple uniforms with smiles from ear to ear. they stoped to greet us off of the bus and we all danced to silent music. it was interesting because they did not speak our language nor did we speak theirs but through dance we all communicated somehow. after a little while the children were told to leave and go home as they had got off school early to break for lunch and we distracted them. soon after lunch they came back and this time Akoma-macae was their "ring leader". I immediately noticed her sense of protection over the rest she walked powerfully with entitlement right up to my face. (I found out it was because we were in her home) she was looking like who in the world are these people? finally we all went and shared our names one by one and then pointed to each of them to hear theirs. anyways I liked her she was at first aggressive and had a lil attitude on her lol but as soon as she felt a bit of comfort and talked she lightened up and became almost shy and gentle. she even remembered our name!

she's the one standing closets to me. the others are her siblings. I told her we're friends now that we know each other's names, that's my girl!! there is more to this story see you tomorrow,