Listen. Absorb. Feel.

Tuesday, July 11th 2017

nah. I ain't on no missions trip, not building no schools, not feeding the hungry, none of that

they don't need me for that.

as if our things are the right things.

as if our way of living is the only way of living. like, we have the answer to everybody's problems when half of the problems are created by us

the most I am here to do is listen, absorb and feel listening is a skill we lack on our side of the world as everybody is always listening to formulate a response. we don't listen to truly hear because it's just a routine and we go through the motions. while being here in Africa I notice that the best gift I can give is a listening ear. a listening ear with an unresponsive mouth uncomfortable eye contact and an occasional nod. it's important that i hear their side of their stories which helps with reevaluating what i've already been told by others. a sort of shift in the perspective

I do my best to absorb every bit of information that is provided to me in all situations. the words that are delicately spoken, the colours of the blossoming trees , the firm grip of a hand shake i take it all in

as it all becomes a part of the story.

i try to just allow my self to feel.

feel. feel. feel.

it's how you live, it's how you love and it's also how you learn

learning while experiencing first hand a culture that is completely different from your own is a challenge but a step. it's a step in the direction of just being present. this also doesn't really make a lot of sense but you get the point