Global Village

Friday, July 14th 2017

"the world is a global village; we must always say hi to each other and be kind to one another. " says Sister Sophia, the head mistress at Stella Matutina Girls Secondary School

there is not one thing to complain about

the entire day went so smoothly in fact I didn't want to leave.

Stella Matutina is a school of girls who have been effected either personally or through family members by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)

"The Lord’s Resistance Army has operated for more than two decades in Africa, perpetrating a campaign of terror that has destabilized communities across four countries. The group, which was formed by Joseph Kony in northern Uganda, is known for conducting brutal attacks against civilians, including killing, torture, and mutilation, as well as the widespread abduction of children" -Harvard Humanitarian Inititive

one thing I took out of today was the reminder that people may not remeber what you say or what you do but they will remeber how you make them feel

throughout the entire presentations there was one girl that stood out to me. she is vibrant and basically a comedian lol everything she said/did was funny

her name is Manuela Akello, she is 15 and is in Senior 3 (equivalent to 10th grade)

she really reminds me of someone from back home which made me favourite her. I always seem to pick favourties which probably isn't good haha she kind of acts like June!!

tution at their school is kind of hard for them to pay but its only around USD$100 when I get back I'm going to:

A. find a way to pay for her school

B. find out her university intrests and see what to do from there

the girls sung this song it goes a little something like this:

I was born to serve the nation

and the light shine over the world

I come with an effort

to bring a new look

to be an example to eveybody.

I pledge to do my best to serve this nation and make this world the best that I can while I am here. I'm doing my best to lead by example because this world is our very own global village, we must all do our part to prosper.