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Monday, July 17th 2017

it's 6am here and i'm on a 7hr bus ride to Soroti where i'll spend 3 nights

the track i'm playing is Love Yourz by J. Cole

"no such thing as a life that's better than yours"

i can attest to that.

damn, like it's so easy for me to look at somebody else life, be in admiration and begin to grow hate for my own like how easy is it to pick apart every bit of myself and compare to every "perfect" person

why ain't i got that? why ain't i happy? why ain't I this, that?

cole tells it to me straight... there's always gonna be somebody out there rocking something better than you but to be happy all you gotta do is love yours. that's where i'm at today: looking into me, what is it about myself that i love?

i really been in my bag lately.

my brother comments on my ig picture "you looked like you've changed"

and nah bruh, i haven't changed, i'm just becoming more of me. growing into myself if that makes sense.

this person right now is exactly who i'm supposed to be and who i am next year it's the same.

so look at it like this; i'm becoming more kardeisha lol. growing into kardeisha that's what we'll call this. yeah.

that's the thing, maybe that's the "purpose" i was looking for. the consistancy of a growing human being. i'm writing this right now and realizing the only purpose of my life; is to live my life with purpose. do that and the rest should take care of itself.

if everyday i'm striving to tap into every inch of myself how can i not win at this life?

bless up,

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