10 Tips for Entering High School

it is most certainly an exciting time entering into your first year of high school but it is also a time of confusion and fear. Right now you are probably thinking: will I get lost? will I have friends? will I fail?

we've all been there.

in fact, we are still probably feeling the exact same feelings. I'm entering my senior year at Cole Harbour District High School and I must admit these thoughts run through my head constantly. To help you prepare for the next 3 years of your life here are 10 Tips that will make you feel comfortable about your big day:

#1 : Don't Be Late

its so easy to relax on the first day of school and hang out with all your friends first period of the first day but go to class on time. You will not only make a good impression on your teachers, but your peers as well.

#2 : Be Comfortable with being Uncomfortable

certainly, we are all so use to the way things are supposed to be. But be different and allow yourself to be uncomfortable in situations.

#3 : Involve Yourself

honestly no one is going to beg you to join the volleyball team or join yearbook committee, it's on YOU. if you want to make this high school experience the best you can, join every club and get involved in e v e r y t h ii n g.

#4 : Ask For Help

if you're having trouble with your math assignment don't be afraid to ask somebody in your class or a teacher for help. they are 100% going to help you.

#5 : Set Goals

goal setting allows you to track your progress over the weeks, months and years. It makes the time go faster and gives you something to wake up for each day. they can be big or small but in the end, reward yourself.


how are you going to get through life trying to be somebody else? it might sound cliché but you were made to be you, only you can be that.

#7 : Push Through It

things are hard. its life. we are all facing problems but if everyone balls up and quits the world stops spinning. your contributions to the world matter just as much as mine so put your head down and push through it.

#8 : Surround Yourself w/ Positivity

whether that's positive people, positive music or positive paintings, making it a part of your daily routine. if it isn't positive vibes remove yourself immediately.

#9 : Keep The Family Close

you shouldn't be friends with everyone. period. start to analyze who you spend your time with, do individual checks of the people you let in, and remove the access. once you identify who your "good people" are, keep them close. your friends will essentially turn into your family.

#10 : Strive to Be BETTER

last but not least... be a better you. these are your years to become who you are supposed to be. focus on yourself, set goals, do what you love and look for areas to grow. each day you should wake up wanting better.

you got this.

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