Black Girl Tag

I had no clue there was a black girl tag so I decided to do it. they're non-sense questions but oh well!

Have you ever been told you sound like a white girl?

uhh. yes. but only when I talk proper English does someone say I'm trying to sound "white" had its own sound.

Do you drink Starbucks?


Can you dance?

I can, I can.

Do you eat soul food?

yes I do! but I'm slowly becoming pescatrian so not everything.

Do you go to a public, private, or charter school?

I am a senior at a public school.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

five minutes if we're talking school. anything else around 2hrs lol.

Do you ever take selfies?

e v e r y day.

Have you ever eaten fried chicken?

I have but I don't anymore.

Have you ever watched the movie, Mean Girls?

yes, sooo many times.

What is your ethnicity?

African-American don't think I'm mixed with anything -.-

Do you always try to look good?

n e v e r.

Have you ever watched the movie, The Color Purple?

nope. but I've seen a play.

What are your average grades in school?

my grading scale is weird its from 1-7 (7 being the highest) I average around 4s and 5s

Do you have a lot of friends?

I mean..... nah lol I know a lot of people tho.

Does your name have “isha” in it?


Have you ever dated a white guy?

I meannn.... no

Are you loud or quiet?

depends on the day and mood I'm in.

Do you wear weave? If so, how often?

I have never worn a weave.

What black woman do you look up to?

there's so many! hmm... my mom.

see y'all soon,

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