The North Preston I Know

I wonder how you would feel if your entire community was judged by false aligations.

I wonder if you would feel the same rage that I do. if you would speak out the way that I do.

I wonder how many slaps in the face you could take before you buckled down to make a change.

Photo by Chase Vassell

The goal was never to change your mind about who we are. The goal, is to shift our minds into believing that we, are greatness.

Despite what you may have heard about us, North Preston is the Finest place in the entire world.

I wrote a blog post for CBC titled “The North Preston I Know isn't the one you've heard about". My recent move to Toronto for school has been difficult as I consistently miss Scotia and all my people there. getting the oppurtunity to reflect on my home at a time like this was much needed.

There are very few similarities to a rural area isloated from the small city of Halifax to the culturally diverse Toronto.

I'm learning to adjust.

what makes it easier tho, is the constant reaffirmation that my home will always be my home.

I want you to check out the CBC Radio Show Now or Never on an episode highlighting The resilience of North Preston, Nova Scotia.


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